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About Us

Footloose Dancewear Inc./DBA PRIMA SOFT

Prima Soft revolutionized the dance world in 1992 with our invention of the WORLD’S FIRST CONVERTIBLE TIGHT. A design so unique, a patent was granted by the United States government (Patent #6,047,571). Prima Soft convertible tights have our exclusive ‘one size’ fit and are known worldwide for comfort, durability and leg definition.

 In 1996 Prima Soft introduced their ‘Perfect Placement’ Pointe Shoes, designed with the highest technology available. “HI TECH” does not necessitate using artificial materials. Prima Soft pointe shoes are made with natural materials to enable the shoes to work with, not against the feet. No plastic, fiberglass, or rubber are used in our shoe’s construction. In 2003, Master Ballet Instructor, David Howard endorsed Prima Soft pointe shoes saying ‘ Prima Soft pointe shoes, not just a shoe, but the correct shoe’.

Going forward, we introduced our invention of the world’s firstExtension Stretch Pointe Shoe Ribbon. Our Extension Stretch Ribbon is the most used and liked ribbon, by dancers and ballet companies worldwide . Dancers, beginner to professional are benefiting from pressure reduction on the Achilles tendon, experiencing increased range of foot motion and are able to achieve total heel release descending from pointe. Extension Stretch is available in both Original and Matte Extra Support stretch.

Prima Soft invention of theHeel Ovals Kit and Make It Fit Kit enable dancers and shoe fitting personnel to customize dance and pointe shoes for those with foot size differences.

Through research and development we continue to bring unique and innovative products to the dance market.

Prima Soft dancewear is sold in select dancewear establishments.

Please contact us for more information by email at info@prima-soft.com or call us at 215 886-2255.